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to Eve + Luxe

We simplify beauty and skin care.

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Rozanne Eve and Luxe

Who we are

Hey There! If you’ve landed on our website, you may be wondering who we are and how exactly we began.

I am Rozanne, the founder of Eve + Luxe – a Melbourne based start-up, crafting a 100% natural skin care product made out of a single plant-based ingredient of the finest quality.

Our product is sourced in small batches from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka – from a small, family-owned business that values sustainability, transparency and quality as much as we do.

Our dream is to gradually expand the range and inspire a lifestyle of simplicity and consciousness, for one’s self and our earth.

Our Journey

Eve + Luxe was born out of a necessity to satisfy a personal need.

Growing up, my skin has always been prone to breakouts. Having tried so many things but not seeing results, I took a leap of faith and decided to try something that I had seen people do, while holidaying back home in Sri Lanka; use coconut oil on my face.

But when it came to finding a product that I loved, with the right amount of lightness, absorbency, mild aroma and beautiful, easy to use packaging, I was not happy with the choices available on the shelf, such as cooking oil. It left my skin feeling quite greasy, gave off a strong odour and the jars itself were not the most user-friendly in a bathroom.

I wanted a more personal experience when it came to what I was putting on my skin. And I didn’t want to compromise on effectiveness and luxury.

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coconut oil spoonful image

When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I embarked on a mission to source it myself. Thus, Eve + Luxe was born; with the ultimate grade of raw, organic coconut oil specifically made for beauty use – differentiated by its production process.

While on this journey, I realised how empowered and in control I felt, knowing exactly what I was putting on my skin.

Our mission is to simplify beauty and skin care by creating all-natural beauty products using nutrient-rich, high quality, everyday ingredients in their most raw or least processed state, undiluted by synthetic preservatives, fillers and artificial fragrances.

We are here to inspire you to join this lifestyle and empower you to be your best self; by simplifying life, loving yourself, making conscious choices for yourself and bringing beauty through from the inside out.

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